Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jesus CHRIST, the people I attract...



Suldog said...

Is it an anagram?

BurningSky said...

HBoO is in Newcastle, this was my initial reaction. Notice the lack of brain function from sheer excitement. No mysterious message was involved in this blog post..:-)

Anonymous said...

hello my two favorite little lovebirds!! (errr... yeah)

anyways, so, i know that this is a date that neither of you two would like to think about, so i will ask very quickly to make it quick and painless.

what time are you coming back on saturday melissaaaa

there, that wasn't so bad. i'm leaving saturday night prob, but i'm willing to wait for you!!! beacuse even though you may have horrible jet lag and the last place you want to be is in nwe jersey, iiiii still wanna see youuuu! so yes? maybe? if you see this and can tell me a time, then great!

if not, i hope you are having a lovely time!!!!!

and if melsisa is gone by the time you read this, then, just disregard everything, and hi matt! see ya around this summer, maybe?

have fun!
oh yes, this is karen.

MELISSA said...


Don't even worry my little chickadee, I'm coming back mid-morning on Saturday and will definitely be able to see you before nighttimesssss. I'll be jet lagged but not too jet lagged to hang out!!