Thursday, November 29, 2007

Songs of Old...

"On top of old smokey, all covered in snow!"

"No, it's on top of old smokey, all covered in blood!"

"WTF, that doesn't even make sense. Who the hell covers a mountain with blood??"

"It doesn't matter, that's how it goes."

*Google... ... ..2 minutes later*

On top of old Smokey
All covered in blood,
I killed the poor teacher
With a 44 slug.
I went to her funeral, I peed on her grave
She wasn't quite dead yet so I threw a grenade.
The cops came after me to throw me in jail
But I took out my shotgun and blew them to HELL.

"I rest my case."

Now let's imagine if kids today sang these wonderful songs of love and happiness...

Oh yeah, I live in America...