Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sources, Sources, Sources...

Don't click that link...

I've been a member of this message board since August 2003. The day I registered was the beginning of the end. The appeal in reading people reply to long and well-thought out points with "wut u say?" and "tl;dr" makes me laugh in my chair. Every damn time! Why!!?

Let's sample some of the brilliance of this wonderful site.

Topic title: Who would you rather bone

"Would you rather bone Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera? I think that's a tough choice to make but I would chose Mariah Carey because Aguilera looks like a skank."


"Neither.. Mimi is crazy and Christina is very pregnant"


etc. etc.

For pages. And pages... ...Why!!?

Another example:

Topic Title: discuss hotdogs

"i like 6 inch sausage





how do you enjoy your wieners?"

I think I can stop there...

No matter how much of my free time is taken up by more productive and fulfilling activities, I always find myself clicking that damn link. It will never end. I hope the site shuts down so that I can finally be free...

Again, a terrible post...


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meloogal said...

I'm atcha house!

This keyboard makes me so, so angry.

The "WHY??!!?" part of this entry reminds me of this entry from ANOTHER blog: