Friday, February 15, 2008

Shortlived adventures at Hexham Abbey...

50TH ENTRY!!!!!!!

I feel so behind in entries, this happened two days ago and I'm only writing about it now. Oh well, better late than never...

Wednesday was another field trip day, this time to Hexham Abbey. On the way there, I listened intently held my tongue while one of the girls told the heart wrenching tale of the death of her laptop...

"OMG! This past Saturday, I was soooooo drunk and spilled wine on my laptop, totally frying it! I know, can you believe it? So I like called my parents and they were like, 'OMG where have you been?' and I was like, "OMG mom and dad, chill out, my laptop broke and I need a new one!' and then they were like, 'Well, why don't you try to fix it before we buy you a new one?' and I was like, 'Okay, fine.' So I called up all of these places and, like, none of the places I called had their own shop, they all did house calls. I was like, ' thanks, you don't even have a shop.' What? I don't want to get raped or something, who knows what these people working out of their house will do to me? So, like, I finally just chose one of the places and was like, I'll meet you someplace other than my house. Then I hung up the phone and realized that I didn't want to go alone somewhere to meet some guy who was probably going to rape me, so I like just didn't go. He tried calling me like all Sunday and it used all my minutes! I know, it was like..soooo creepy. Anyways, my parents said that they were like gonna buy me a new one, so it doesn't matter."

Then, as I was tying the noose around my neck, we arrived at the abbey. Before entering, we met our tour guide. I don't like tour guides. They move you around from place to place really quickly and enjoy explaining, at length, the significance of the things that are very standoutish. When the tour was done, we left immediately. This was very disappointing, because I had no time to wander and linger and take pictures of random little things. The result was a small number of hastily taken photos of the inside of the abbey.
I only wish I had more time to take pictures of the crypt down below and/or all of the different artifacts that were scattered throughout the abbey. Oh well, maybe I'll go back at some point..:-)

I'll be at my cousin's until Monday, but she has to work, so no London this weekend..:-/

Expect lots of food pictures (she makes amazing stuff), house pictures, maybe some outside stuff too if I decide to go for long photographic walks. I guess what I'm saying is..expect blog entries..:-)


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meloogal said...

oh my.

it looks amazing--aren't cathedrals SICK?

why are your pictures so good even when you're being rushed by Mr. Hurry Von Hurrymeister?