Monday, July 21, 2008

Compy II is in production...

After the tragic death of Compy, I immediately set out to find a replacement. I ordered Compy II Friday, a Dell laptop customized to my specifications, but it's projected arrival date is August 6th. No computer for three whole weeks. *twitch!*

I know it's sad and pathetic to all of the older people out there, but what do I DO all day to keep my mind occupied? HBoO went home this weekend to play piano for church, and I've never experienced such mental anguish. Sitting in my small room with no computer, access to the internet, friends to hang out with, or a job to go to, I did all the things I could think of to occupy my time. At 10 AM on Saturday, I read Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris and a good portion of Alice in Wonderland. I played guitar for a while, then took a drive to TCNJ and walked around the campus taking pictures. After that, I ate some sushi, drove home, took a shower, and looked at the clock. Many of the day's hours remained. The library was closed, so I couldn't take out any more books. I lacked the funds to buy anything with entertainment value. The rest of the weekend scarily resembled this...

This Friday, HBoO is leaving for a family vacation. She'll be gone for eight days, and I'll be alone in my house again with no computer. I need suggestions. Anything to occupy my time. Your help is much appreciated and will contribute to preserving my sanity...

Thanks in advance..:-)



Suzanne said...

You could come home!!
Mamma making fresh gravy and apple pie this weekend.. and we miss you.

WB said...

1) go to a park
2) go to a museum
3) go biking/other outdoor physical activity
4) read a book
5) go see a movie