Friday, December 5, 2008

House agrees to write legislation to bail out auto industry...

I just read the the front page of the New York Times. In response, I wrote all of my representatives to convince them to vote against another cataclysmic mistake in a series of cataclysmic mistakes. Here's the text of my letter:

I ask you, with utmost urgency, to oppose the $25 billion bailout for the big three auto companies. Though there are numerous reasons to vote against it, I will focus on just one: the source of the funds.

According to the New York Times, the $25 billion is likely to be taken from "subsidized loans intended for developing advanced fuel efficient cars." I think this sends the Big Three the wrong message. If we give them money that was intended to be used to revamp the industry, it will encourage them to continue nefarious business practices that caused their collapse.

To understand their backwards mentality, turn on any TV and watch the car commercials. These companies are emphasizing big vehicles that conform to an outdated concept of "manliness." It is obvious that these companies are not listening to consumer demands for smaller more fuel efficient vehicles; otherwise they would have evolved their business model according to their customer's desires.

We cannot reward a private industry that fails to supply consumer's demand. Bailing out these companies not only undermines our capitalist system, it will rob the American people of crucial funds that should be saved for progressive policies that provide jobs for our ailing economy.

Once again, vote NAY to any piece of legislation that provides the auto industry with tax dollars. Thank you.

Matthew Brinn
Concerned Citizen

I urge you all to copy this letter (or write your own) telling your representatives to vote against any legislation that allocates funds to bailing out the auto industry!


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