Thursday, December 13, 2007

The world's ugliest high school...

Yesterday, whilst browsing MX, I came upon a revival thread of one of the most hilarious occurrences ever to grace the forum. This school according to Wikipedia, is just your average high school in the mid-west. What they don't tell you, though, is that this school houses the world's ugliest students...

For example:

At first glance, this picture may not seem THAT disturbing. You might take a quick glance and comment on how unnecessary that guy's glasses are. You might also say that he has stunningly bad teeth. But let's take a closer look. Look at his date. How old is she? If you said 42, you'd be correct..:-)

Let's try another:

Okay, this one is a little more obvious. That girl is not only wearing a leopard print dress and a sweet tart necklace, she is also a corpse. Look at those sunken eyes, that vacant smile. Also notice the spray on tan and four pounds of makeup used to cover up the gangrenous flesh covering her rotting bones. Am I being too graphic..? Let's move on to something less depressing and more hilarious. Namely, her date. Mr. Necrophilia has a million dollar smile and a..leopard print cummerbund and..bow..tie..JESUS CHRIST! That's not all folks. You may not have noticed it, but look at those shoes! I don't think I need to say much more...

Him: "I'm such a pimp, I'm bringing my real doll to prom!"

Her: "I will melt you with my super laser vision!"

British Exchange Girl: "My favorite historical period is the Renaissance. DIE PAGAN!!!"

And finally,

"I'm a Super Saiyan!"

In conclusion, Kenston High School is the greatest place on earth..:-)


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meloogal said...

i was going to comment and say this is the meanest thing you've ever written.

then i got to the guy with the leopard cummerbund and decided that he probably deserves to be ridiculed.