Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Consolidation of ideas...

I like a lot of things. Unfortunately, all of those things will never translate into what everybody keeps referring to as 'my future career'. Having an extensive knowledge of the physics of the Gundam universe or all of the Dragon Ball family trees doesn't do much when listed on a job application under 'skills'. Knowing that sus2 chords always resolve to minor 7ths won't impress many future bosses. My latest financially devoid passion has been photography and blogging (don't worry, reader(s), I'm not going to stop blogging to pursue hobbies with more monetary value). Basically, my current skill set and various hobbies add up to me being poor and lonely in the distant future (the year 2000). What, then, am I to do..?

Here's an idea. What if I go home on May 31st and spend the summer paying off car insurance and then buying a digital SLR camera. Then, with my new beast camera, take as many photography classes as possible in my last year at TCNJ, graduating with my degree in history and (hopefully) a photography minor. After I graduate, I'll buy a plane ticket to Newcastle and live with all of my friends, working as a tour guide or something while trying to make money with my artsy farts pitchahs..?

I'll live in a place that I love surrounded by friends, I'll have not wasted away my college career on a major that is totally devoid of career opportunities (outside of teaching..bleh), and I'll get to enjoy my hobbies on the side, hopefully replacing my day job with the funds provided by my hobbies. Sound like a good life? I think yes..:-)


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