Friday, March 28, 2008

The end of term and a hiatus...

Term ends today, and Easter Break officially starts. Our group will be split up for the next month, each engaging in separate activities along an entirely different path. Almost everybody is returning home to see their old friends, eat an overabundance of delicious food, and to beg parentals for money (The only three reasons why a student would ever return home). I, on the other hand, am experiencing life in a foreign country, an ocean apart from my intermediate family. So, what am I doing over the next three weeks of break, you ask? Flower (who hates going home), Flower's friend Simon (who doesn't have a home), and I are heading to France for seventeen days. We leave Sunday morning, first to Dover in the south to catch a ferry to Calais. We'll make our way south to Amiens and then Paris. From there, we'll turn northeast and go to Amsterdam, stopping at Charleroi "the city of cafes" and, if we feel like it, Brussels. I'll spend my 21st birthday (April 11th) in one of these cities. We'll stay in Amsterdam the remainder of the trip before heading back to Calais and then Newcastle. This is the plan we laid out, it's all subject to change, but I won't be writing any more entries until I return on April 17th. So, reader(s) of my blog, I bid you farewell for the time being, but I shall return with a great deal more life experience than I have at this moment...

As food for thought, I present you with the last pictures of my friends and I before we split up for break. They were taken this morning at 6 AM, after we collectively stayed up together reminiscing about the past two months gone by...
Be back soon..:-)



meloogal said...

these pictures are touching.

And, um, I haven't gotten to talk to you and I don't know when we ever will talk so... bye? I'll miss making you stay up until 7 AM by fighting with you...have an awesome time and don't forget about meeeee it's all about meeeeeeeeeeeee

also i love you. bye bye?

Raheel said...

that sounds like an interesting adventure. i wish you all the best

Raheel said...

i agree with you regarding the pictures. they could have done a much better job on that.

as irritating as it is, you should upload pictures of your trip. it is always interesting to see places through other people's eyes, especially places i'll probably never get to visit in real life

meloogal said...

word on the street is you're back and your face is full of pus!

(yes, i am currently in an email relationship with your mom. i...i don't know how this happened)





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hop to it! :o)