Sunday, August 10, 2008

*Gasp* I've been memed...

If anyone has been reading my comments, they'd see that Melinda, a fellow blogger, has sent me a meme. It's midnight, HBoO is passed out in my bed across the room, what the hell...

7 Interesting/Random facts about myself

1. I hate carrots. Anybody that knows me knows that I eat almost anything. Sure, I'll be the world's most douchiest douche about the quality of the food, but I'll definitely eat it. And, I love trying new foods. HBoO's parents STILL think I'm lying when I tell them that their Filipino food is delicious. Pancit? Mmm. Lumpia? Hell yes. Bitter Melon? Seconds, please. Carrots? GET THAT SHIT AWAY FROM ME!!!!

2. I've stolen more than my weight in candy bars. Ask the Newcastle Tesco Express where all of their Peanut Butter KitKats have gone. I stole at least three every day for four months. Are you a Snickers? Watch the fuck out, because, before you know it, you'll be melting in my pocket...

3. I recently flip-flopped on my dealings with sickness. Back in the day, I shunned all medicine, relying purely on the "pretend-it's-not-there" method. Bullshit. Now, I take twice the recommended dosage of all over-the-counter medication. Especially Nyquil. It works, you should try it...

4. I currently work at a Philly Pretzel Factory. It's the easiest job I've ever had. Every day, customers walk in the door and ask me what we sell. I say, "Pretzels." Occasionally, they'll add, "Do you have anything else?" To which I reply, "No."

5. I'm severely right handed. Yes, it's a real condition. If my right hand/arm becomes incapacitated, don't ask me to open a door or hold any objects for a prolonged period of time. I'm not being mean, I physically can't.

6. There is an extra wide gap between each of my big toes and the rest of them. This has prevented me from wearing sandals since puberty. Everyday, I thank God for this deformity because it means I'm incapable of becoming a bro. No popped collars for me, thank you very much.

7. Ever since dropping acid, I've gained an extreme appreciation for clouds. Often I'll stop whatever I'm doing just to stare at them for a few minutes. Don't be alarmed, I'll eventually snap out of it.


Now, I'm supposed to ask seven other people to do this. Why seven? I guess sleep is out of the question tonight...



Suzanne said...

7 things about me:
1. I love carrots. Ever since I can remember I've loved carrots. I also love Chicken Flavored Rice A Roni and eating cake without icing.

2. I love babies and everything about them. I I love shopping for baby stuff, baby clothes, baby anything. I also love shopping for domestics. I have a weird "placemat" fettish.

3. I work at a bank and hate it. I thought I like money, but where I work we don't touch the stuff.

4. I recently found out that I can't control the way people are and that people are very complicated creatures.

5. I have a burning desire to live by the water at some point in my life. Not sure when it will be, but it WILL happen.

6. My toes are fat and ugly. My feet hurt all the time. I was not blessed in the feet department.

7. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip but recently discovered that coffee ice cream is delicious as well. As a matter of fact, almost every kind of ice cream is super awesome and one of life's best discoveries!!

meloogal said...

I love carrots, too :-P

Tag me! Me! It's all about MEEEEE!!

Suldog said...

Since everybody else is weighing in, I'll add that I like carrots, too. But, I hate sandals and popped collars, so you eat whatever you want, non-bro!

Melinda said...
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Melinda said...

hmm weird... my comment deleted itself.

Thanks for playing & giving me a good laugh for the day.

"If you're a Snickers, look out" ahaha. great way to break up the boredom of my workday.