Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Comcast strikes back...

A few days ago, I returned to my house and found my cable to be shut off. After everything they put me through, you'd think this wouldn't happen, but, it did. I called them. It turns out, they had revived the account of a previous resident of my house, then, when they realized the error, shut it off. Without contacting me. So I set up an account in my name. They said the installation fee would be $44. Why? I already have a cable box and a modem. I know FOR A FACT that they can do registration over the phone. But, no. They had to switch the devices because of the error.

So, on Saturday, Comcast returned to my house. For $44, they unplugged the first boxes and plugged in two new ones. This time, however, there were no computers in the house. I assured the technicians that I could handle calling the company to have them register my modem when Compy II arrived. They were in my house for twenty minutes. That's $132/hr to plug in a box...

*fills out job application*

Today, my roommate moved back in. He had a computer, so I called Comcast to register the modem. They took me through the step by step process, again, but, this time, the internet did not work. An hour of trying things in the phone technician's manual. No internet.

Says the internet technician through the phone, "I just don't know. I've never seen anything like this. I need to ask my superiors. We'll call you back at some point today." *click*

The forces of evil are stronger than ever. My armies are scattered. My best friend is frozen in Carbonite. I'm one handed. There is no hope..:-(


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Suldog said...

Comcast sucks. I've had as many dealings with them as I ever want to have, and I don't even have a computer at home. I'm now with RCN.