Sunday, August 24, 2008

On the campaign trail...

I'd been putting it off for a while, but today I had my first opportunity to volunteer my efforts for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. I've had prior campaigning experience, volunteering my Saturdays to phone bank and canvas for Patrick Murphy in the 2006 Congressional elections. Registering people to vote is fun and potentially hilarious, everybody should try it...

I can't say the same for Republican campaigns, as I have no experience with their side, but Democratic volunteers are laid back and time flies when you are arguing with unregistered voters about Obama's terrorist qualities...

Says an unregistered voter to a Jewish volunteer wearing a "Vote Barack Obama" pin written in Hebrew, "What the hell is that?"

"It's Hebrew, it says "Vote Barack Obama"."

"Cheebrew? Is that the language that Muslims speak."

And let's not forget the still bitter Hillary supporters. Says another unregistered voter, "Barack Obama is ARROGANT! How the hell could a guy pick some unknown guy for his running mate when Hillary has the same policies and 49% of voters want her to be there. He doesn't listen to voters, he's ARROGANT!!"

When the four of us weren't fending off the failures of the American education system, we discussed policy issues as they pertained to the local population. I found the other volunteers to be very well informed on campaign strategies, recent news, and the voting histories of BOTH candidates. The two hours I spent registering people to vote in the mall turned out to be tons of fun, not just for the unintentional hilarity, but for how cool my fellow volunteers were. So, no matter which side you support in the upcoming election, do yourself a favor and volunteer. Not only will you make a difference as an active member of your society, you'll probably have fun, too..:-)


Suzanne said...

Im so proud of you!

Suldog said...

As you may already know, I ran for office once. And I've got to agree with you, in that the ignorance of the American voting public is almost impossible to overestimate.

Good for you, for volunteering. I'm not an Obama fan, but I admire anybody who is willing to take from their personal time and try to make change.

(By the way, I think your word verification is trying to tell me something. I'm not sure what, though. It is "Godcello".)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!

I always get a bit pissed off at people saying Obama is a muslim/terrorist name - people are so short sighted! My brother-in-law is actually from the same Kenyan tribe as Obama's father's family, so I'm backing Obama anyway ;) too bad I'm Dutch though, no voting for foreign countries.