Saturday, January 19, 2008

Last night in America...

Over the next two days, let's see:

My house to JFK International Airport- 120 miles
JFK International Airport to Heathrow International Airport- 3471 miles
Heathrow International Airport to My cousin's house- 116 miles
My cousin's house to Northumbria University- 256 miles

That's 3963 miles of travel in two days..:-)

Tonight, my family went to Hard Rock Cafe for my dad's birthday and my send-off dinner. It was bittersweet, especially the part where my dad tossed his barbecue ribs into the center of the table when the waiter checked up on us, proudly exclaiming, "Those were the worst ribs I've ever eaten, I wouldn't even feed those to the dog."

Really, dad? You wouldn't feed those delicious ribs to our now deceased pet dog, just because they may or may not have been a little cold? Really..?

On a better note, HBoO and I hung out for the rest of the night and watched home movies from my high school days. At the end of the night, we had our tearful goodbye..*sniff*

It's just four months. It's not that long. We have Skype and emails and blogs and pictures, we'll be in pretty much constant contact. All will be good. I'm just waiting for that day when I show up on her doorstep, ring the doorbell, and as each second passes between the ring and her answer, I become ever more anxious and excited. Then, she opens the door with a smile and I crash through into her foyer, pick her up, and swing her around and around in the most epic huggle ever witnessed by mankind. Can't wait..:-)

So, tomorrow I leave for England. Don't expect a break in entries, I'll probably have something new and cool every day for the next few months. Lots of pictures will be taken, so expect lots of photoshop threads and pictures of exotic locations and new foods. It'll be the biggest adventure yet, so stay tuned..:-)


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meloogal said...

Be safe at the airport and in the plane!

Email me when you get to Jamie's!

Don't wear your hood up! They'll think you're a delinquent!

"Fag" isn't nearly as controversial a word there as it is here!