Saturday, January 12, 2008

What do you do with a BA in English History..?

Today was a bit of a busy day. I overslept and had to rush around in the morning to get my guitar ready for its journey to England *sniff*. I went to the UPS Store with my mom to do so and decided to introduce her to the Avenue Q soundtrack as part of my never ending quest to interest my parents in what I like. We journeyed to various places around town (UPS Store, Rite-Aid, supermarket etc.) and listened on the way. As usual, the parental unit did not show much interest until the album ended and she began a dialog:

Mom: "So, have you thought about what you might want to do after college?"

Me: "Yes."


Mom: "And?"

Me: "It's a good question."

Mom: "So what about the Peace Corp. thing?"

Me: "..maybe..."


Mom: "*stern look*"

Me: "I don't know. It all depends on what's going on at the time. I'm going to England, I'm going to come back, get a job for the summer. Then, I'm going back to school to take classes..."

Mom: "And then..?"

Me: "Then..uh..I'm moving to Avenue Q!"

Mom: "*eye roll* You need to think about what you are going to do in life, Matt."

Me: "I know, mom. Thanks..."

At this point we pulled in the driveway and I escaped to my room. For all those college students out there who have no idea what they are doing in life yet still insist on spending thousands of dollars of their parents money on tuition, do not let your benefactors hear the Avenue Q soundtrack, it will only provoke awkward conversation..!

I don't think my mom was THAT angry, however, because when I came back downstairs, this was waiting for me:

Yummy! (you still win, HBoO)

While I was eating, my dad came in and decided to get all fancy with a bit of cucumber. He used his electronic pepper mill and poured some dressing (ever so slightly) in an attempt to gourmet-ify his meal. Unfortunately, the attempt failed thanks to my mom's cunning use of a paper plate. I still artsy fartsed it up for the hell of it:

Nice try dad..:-)

That's all for today...


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Meagan said...

You have plenty of time to figure out what you want to do... then again I'm 26 and getting my MFA IN ENGLISH... so your mom probably wouldn't want you to listen to me for career advice. Goin' to see Avenue Q this weekend... W00t!