Monday, January 28, 2008

A trip to the city for a taste of home...

Classes started for most today, but not I. My schedule is as follows:

Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: Class from 9-1
Wednesday: Class 9-9:30 AM Field Trip at 1 PM
Thursday: Nothing
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Nothing

I stayed up really late last night because, when I got back from Flower's room, I somehow had stolen some internet from the Sweeney looking building next door. I talked to HBoO for a bit with a dodgey connection and ended up in bed around 7 AM. I was awoken at 12:30 by the computer guy who fixed my internet..:-D

After a bit of much needed browsing about my favorites list, I talked to HBoO for a bit on Skype then went into town with Eugene. Our mission? An excursion to the local smoke shop to buy a hookah so that everybody would stop smoking hand-rolled cigarettes. My Americanism is infectious...

Afterwards, I took some pictures of the city...

We traveled into a pretty sketchy part of town and decided to stop for lunch at a local barbershop/pie place. Though the pies were delicious, the scary dissonant music and creepy owners singing all over the place weirded me out a bit. Here's a picture of my lunch, prepared by a Mrs. Lovett...

So Eugene and I returned, hookah in tow and we all enjoyed smoking something less harmful and infinitely more delicious than hand-rolled cigarettes. Score one for America..:-P

Tomorrow is my first day of actual class, I'll let you guys know how it goes...



meloogal said...

that pie looks delorcious

good thing you're gonna throw that hookah away after 4 months. ya wastefulmun.

i miss you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, cool pics man
Post some early morning or some cool night sky pics too. They'll just add up to the collection but dont mention to forget the place. I mean where exactly in Newcastle.
Rest is cool

Anonymous said...

Oops its dont forget to mention da place